Tatra Trucks keeps production despite COVID19

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Tatra Trucks continue to produce heavy duty cars and serve during coronavirus crisis

The coronavirus pandemic in Europe has temporarily shut down production in many factories of European and overseas automakers. Only a few of them did not close their operations: Tatra Trucks is one of them.

Tatra Trucks, the third oldest heavy commercial vehicle brand in the world has so far successfully faced down the global COVID-19 Coronavirus, while meeting all the necessary Government measures to protect the lives and health of Czech Republic’s population.

When the Czech Government adopted the first major nationwide security measures, its main motive was not only to safeguard the population but also to keep industrial production running. Within a few days, however, there was a complete shutdown with the declaration of an emergency state and interruption of work in automotive factories in the country. Tatra Trucks had not interrupted its production, running at full capacity at its Kopřivnice plant and no reduction is planned yet. For a good reason: to supply and support the operability of Tatra vehicles to the Integrated Rescue System (IRS)  of the Czech Republic and the Army of the Czech Republic (ACR). At the same time, however, the oldest Czech and Central European manufacturer made a special effort to protect workers from the spread of disease caused by Coronavirus.

Due to the global pandemic, the Czech government declared a state of emergency in the first half of March. Most industrial enterprises in the Czech Republic and in Europe have responded to the spread of coronavirus by stopping or significantly reducing production. The effect of the coronavirus on the automobile industry is especially grave, since many automakers across Europe have declared temporary shutdowns and many have extended shutdowns beyond their original dates. Among the few exceptions is the Czech Tatra Trucks, the Czech bus manufacturer SOR Libchavy and factories of Solaris company in Poland. However, Hyundai and Kia's factories in the Czechia and Slovakia resumed production in a limited mode a few days ago.


Tatra Trucks keeps running its production despite the quarantine, and its management does not plan to limit it now. The company also continues to provide services for its customers. Since the beginning of the state of emergency, one of the oldest worldwide vehicle manufacturers has also devoted extraordinary efforts to the protection of employees' health. Therefore, throughout the pandemic crisis, there has been no one infected with COVID-19.

Since the backbone of the Czech Army's and Czech Fire Rescue Service's logistics fleet is consisted of Tatra trucks, these trucks now help distribute the medical and other strategic material across the country. Tatra Trucks acknowledges the key role of Tatra vehicles in the times of pandemic. Therefore, its management has taken measures to support the operability of Tatra trucks used by the Czech Army and the Integrated Rescue System ot the Czech Republic (IRS CR) units. The manufacturer has set the highest priority for Tatra trucks used by the Army and IRS CR within the dealer and repair and maintenance service network, including the company service centre in Kopřivnice.

Regarding protection of employees' health, there is a set of protective measures in place. Employees are required to wear faces masks, and managers and office workers are asked to work from home as much as possible. There is also limited association in the Tatra Trucks premises, and excursions and external visits are prohibited. Tatra Trucks also withdrew its employees from abroad and most of them were put in quarantine for preventive reasons. Antibacterial and disinfectants are distributed on the premises of the company. Strict hygienic measures are also followed by employees of the catering department, and special rules apply to external suppliers when entering the Tatra Trucks premises.

Tatra´s specially built trucks also serve in various designs and specification fulfill their tasks in many fire, rescue, military and special fleets with customers around the world, including superpowers such as Russia, China and the USA. Incidentally, the second largest worldwide user of Tatra heavy trucks is the Indian Army, which has over 7,000 units in operation. 



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