The Technology Agency of the Czech Republic

Published: 12.09.2023 Related countries:  Indonesia Indonesia

The Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TA CR) supports international cooperation in the area of applied research, development.

TA CR is interested in cooperation with agencies and institutions developing international cooperation around the world in order to connect, identify mutual priorities, exchange know-how and support joint applied research projects to ensure the development of innovation and competitiveness
of partners.

TA CR also establishes cooperation with embassies of foreign countries in the Czech Republic in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with Czech embassies abroad and with other ministries and organizations in order to increase the awareness of TA CR activities and programmes,
and of the situation in applied research, development and innovation in the Czech Republic.

Our objective is to offer our support in applied research, development and innovation to as many partners as possible so we can  work for better future together. We recognise that international collaboration and shared knowledge are essential for research. That is why we have several tools for promoting bilateral and multilateral collaboration.


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