Třinecké železárny is testing automatic storage stacker

Published: 01.06.2019 Related countries:  Indonesia Indonesia

New automatic storage stacker for steel drawn bars is a part of CZK 600 mil investment

Třinecké železárny’s steel wire drawing plant in Staré Město has put intocoperation a new automatic storage stacker for steel drawn bars. It is thecfirst part of a large investment totaling CZK 600m, which will lead to more
efficient production and increased production of towed bars.

The newcautomatic stacker is installed in the hall almost 20 m high and 60 m long. It contains 3598 cartridges, which can store up to 9,000 tonnes of products to be shipped to customers. The warehouse is fully automated and allows the company to check inventory through permanent inventory process.


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