Vietnam orders L-39NG jets from Czech Republic

Published: 16.02.2021 Related countries:  Indonesia Indonesia

OMNIPOL will deliver aircrafts manufactured by Aero Vodochody AEROSPACE during 2023-2024 period

The new generation of the Czech L-39 fighter has its first buyer from Vietnam. OMNIPOL company and the Ministry of Defence of Vietnam have signed a contract for the supply of twelve L-39NG (New Generation) Jet Trainers. Aircraft, manufactured by Aero Vodochody AEROSPACE will be delivered during the period 2023 to 2024.

The contract includes the acquisition of 12 L-39NG aircraft, plus the training of pilots, instructors, ground crew and mechanics. Also included will be the supply of aircraft spare parts, as well as the supply of equipment for ground-based training, logistics support or specialized airport systems. This will give the Customer the capability of complete pilot and ground crew training.

The world-famous Czech tradition in the military aviation industry continues with the new L-39NG aircraft. A total of 31 L-39s were delivered to Vietnam via OMNIPOL during the 1970’s and 80’s and their main purpose was to train new cadets. Consequently, positive, and proven experience with Czech aircraft, especially being able to operate in harsh climatic conditions, is an important criterion for the purchase of the L-39NG by the Vietnam Air Defence - Air Force.

Aero Vodochody is the biggest producers of train jets in the world

The total amount of all produced jets is more than 11,000. Jets from Aero Vodochody are recognized as highly maneuvarable and durable in all climate environements. The L39’s are highly valued by Customers around the world, for their robustness, high-quality workmanship and simplicity of maintenance. So far, more than 2,800 L-39 aircraft have been exported worldwide.


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