ADUCID s.r.o.

Czech producer of secure browser, that helps to eliminate cyber threats, is looking for partnership with Israeli companies.

Does your company focus on providing cybersecurity services and products for SMEs who are likely targets of common cyber threats?

We are here to help you! 

We are pleased to introduce the Israeli market our latest zero-login product – a secure browser that is the first of its kind to help ICT managers eliminate cyber threats such as phishing, ransomware or other identity-related vulnerabilities. 

Our company helps organizations answer compliance challenges while increasing cyber resilience and productivity. Dedicated to making technology work for people, our company caters to advanced tech to solve fundamental cybersecurity vulnerabilities and save businesses from data breaches, financial losses, and irreparable reputation damage. 

Our latest zero-login product aims to secure user access to specific enterprise resources in cloud and hybrid environments. Almost a regular browser, our product hides security behind the scenes so that users never have to type another username and password again. In doing so, this product protects your company's resources and helps your teams to focus on work. Finally, your teams don't have to be bothered with annoying authentication mechanisms. 

We believe our secure browser can be the right fit for your services and product portfolio. We are very keen to get in touch and see if there could be a potential for a partnership with Israeli companies.