Bio Agens Research and Development – BARD, s.r.o.

Czech producer of special cosmetics and pet care products to supress fungal, bacterial, and other ailments in humans and animals. Company is looking for business partners in Israel

The Czech company Bio Agens Research and Development – BARD, s.r.o. is looking for long-term business partners in Israel. The company produces unique cosmetics and pet care products that are based on the microbiological properties of Smart Fungus - Pythium oligandrum, which suppresses fungal and bacterial infections.

BARD company focuses on a range of products for the care of the human skin, feet, hands, oral cavity, intimate hygiene, and non-healing wounds, including psoriasis, atopic eczema, or diabetic wounds.  

The company is the holder of a decision on the approval of veterinary products, which focus on animals with fungal infections (dermatophytosis, trichophytosis, dermatitis, ringworm), yeast infections and rotting. The products efficiently available all animals including dog, cat, horse, cattle, camel, sheep and coat etc.

The company’s philosophy is based on the natural way of healthcare without any unwanted and harmful side effects.

Advantages of the products of BARD, s.r.o.:
- without any side effects
- no development of resistance
- cannot be overdosed
- suitable for all ages, safe for immunosuppressed, sensitive individuals
- use for all species of pet animals and horses
- doesn’t influence the quality of animal fur
- natural product

The products of the company are patented in many countries e.g. in the Czech Republic, Australia, South Africa, Morocco, Ukraine and more recently in the U.S. and are sold in a number of countries in Europe and Asia, such as Germany, Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Malta, Turkey, Russia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Pakistan, the Philippines and others.

You can also familiarize yourself with the range of products by visiting the company's websites and Also more information about theproducts you can find in attached product catalogues.

In case you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.