organic green and roasted specialty coffee beans

A specialty coffee company Ebel Coffee is looking for:

a. a partner distributor of roasted coffee beans in Israel

b. a partner coffee roaster in Israel

Ebel Coffee can enrich your coffee portfolio with specialty coffees that are grown in a forest farm, Finca Jerusalén, based in the mountains of the Santa Barbara region (Honduras). 

  • Coffee from Finca Jerusalén scores extremely high - 90s on the SCA scoring scale (cupping profiles can be shared with you upon request)
  • Certifications: Kosher certified, certified organic, certified rainforest
  • Quantity available: the harvest plan for 2023 season is 100 tons
  • Delivery options: large amount available Immediately
  • The farm cooperates with us to create a variety of coffee processes so we can offer you many different types of flavor profiles (natural process, washed process, honey process, etc.) and not just a “different country of origin” (which is most common)
  • The farm only grows coffee in the natural forest (not on a "monoculture plantation")

If you are interested in cooperation with Czech company EBEL Coffee, please, contact us:

CzechTrade Israel office

email: telaviv@czechtrade.cz

Mob. 052-8797159