HF SERVIS s.r.o.

Czech manufacturer of unique nanopolymer antibacterial and antiviral protection of solid materials is looking for reliable partners in Israel

HF SERVIS would like to present you their unique nanopolymer antibacterial and antiviral protection of solid materials (glass, ceramics, plastics, stainless still, aluminium and others) GSA ANTIVIR. The company guarantee 120 days lasting surface protection against bacterials and virusis including coated CORONA virus, mosses, fungi and algae. The product is listed among the Czech Republic’s top products. The HF SERVIS company is now offers such protection as the only ones in the world. Please find more information in attached documents.

The product has:
- Atest of antibacterial effectivness for 120 days from the State Health Institute of the Czech Republic with a minimum efficiency of 99.7%. Note: if you treat the surface with disinfectants, it is protected for maximum of 15 minutes, for alcohol-based disinfections even only for 5-6 minutes.
- Atest antivir effectiveness from the Health Institute of the Czech Republic
- Atest for contact with food from EU network of National Laboratories NRL Food contact materials and the State Health Institute of the Czech Republic

The product is not subject to disinfection law, the attests are valid for the whole world. Please see the results of atests in attached files.

The IMPAGUARD GCA ANTIVIR can be used in public transport, services, shopping and sports centers, hotels, offices, restaurants, wellness centers and all industries including the food, medical and defense industries.

HF SERVIS supplies its products to USA, Germany, Italy, Croatia, Slovakia and others. The major partners of the company is ABB, Siemens, Volkswagen, John F. Kennedy Airport and Škoda Auto.

Currently, HF SERVIS is looking for an exclusive distributor with well-established distribution network all over Israel.

You can also familiarize yourself with the range of Impaguard GCA products by visiting the company's websites www.antibacterialnano.com and other products of HF SERVIS on website https://www.hfservis.cz/. Also, more information about the company and the product you can find in attached introduction letter and product catalogue.

In case you are interested in the product or you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

email: telaviv@czechtrade.cz