STROS a.s.

STROS a.s. is developing, manufacturing, selling, installing and servicing lifting equipment worldwide for more than 60 years.

STROS is a worldwide leading supplier of lifting technologies. We have a proud 60-year history, during which we have accumulated extensive knowledge of the industry and we continually use this knowledge to improve and fine-tune our offerings.
STROS is located in the Czech Republic. We design, manufacture, install and service our lifting equipment in compliance with all applicable European health, safety, performance and environmental requirements (CE).

Our product portfolio includes rack & pinion construction hoists, permanent elevators and special elevators for ATEX explosion proof and dust environments. We also manufacture battery-powered elevators, material hoists, mast climbers and suspended platforms.

We can deliver custom industrial elevators for many applications, for example: cement, lime and crushed stone plants, steel mills, power plants, oil refineries and oil tanks, warehouses, towers, cooling towers, ports, ships, bridges, dams, etc. Further, these elevators can be used for underground work in mines or the construction and maintenance of utility networks.

All hoists and elevators can be configured to your exact needs - in single car, dual car or twin-mast versions. Our standard hoists and elevators cover payload capacities ranging from 400kg to more than 6 000kg. Variable Frequency Drives with speeds from 40 – 90m/min are available.

In case you are interested in the offered products or you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on email: