CEZ and the Americans will jointly develop small nuclear reactors

Published: 27.09.2019 Related countries:  Israel Israel

The largest Czech energy company is developing modern modular nuclear power equipment with American company NuScale

Czech energy group CEZ and American company NuScale will jointly develop small modular nuclear reactors and signed an understanding agreement. According to a CEZ spokesman, companies will, among other things, share technical knowledge from the development of these sources, and will also assess the possibilities of their application in the Czech Republic and throughout Europe. It is the nuclear power sources of lower output that can be the optimal solution for the construction of new nuclear units in many countries, including the Czech Republic.
NuScale is one of the world leaders in the development of small modular reactors. Its project is currently under licensing in the US, the company wants to launch the first commercial reactor in 2027 in Idaho in the northwest of the United States. CEZ has long been involved in studies of these facilities through its subsidiary ÚJV Řež.
The advantage of small reactors can be their anticipated series production and assembly directly in the production plants. It is also possible to concentrate a larger number of modules in one location.
Experts point out that these devices are still under development in the world, and there is almost no practical experience with their operation. According to last year's information server oEnergetice.cz, the USA, Canada and Great Britain are active in the development of small modular reactors.

Source: www.ceskenoviny.cz

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