Czech billionaire Komarek invested in two Israeli start-ups.

Published: 02.05.2022 Related countries:  Israel Israel

They reveal security vulnerabilities in websites and improve Internet connectivity

The Czech Springtide Ventures fund, which belongs to the Karel Komárek KKCG group, has invested CZK 250 million (USD 10,7 mil) in two Israeli startups focused on cyber security and network management.

Springtide acts as a leading fund for investments in Source Defense and NetOp.Cloud. The first named startup in Series B raised $ 27 million. The second in the seed round reached $ 4.5 million.

According to KKCG, as a leading investor, it acquired "significant shares" and, in the case of Source Defense, also a position on the board of directors. It was staffed by Springtide technical director Karel Tušek.

KKCG has experience in Israel, for example in the company ShieldIOT. Some of the fund's experiences are not the best, at Lupa we described the case around the Bio-Nexus company.

Source Defense tries to prevent attempts at digital skimming, formjacking, clickjacking, ad injection, PII theft and content defacement. NetOp.Cloud is a SaaS application with artificial intelligence elements that monitors the status of corporate networks. It focuses on the identification and automatic correction of problems.


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