Published: 08.07.2019 Related countries:  Israel Israel

Czech company, that provides services in the fields of natural gas, oil, chemical industry, is looking for serious partners in Israel for long-term cooperation

CzechTrade Israel has an honor to offer you a proposal for long-term cooperation with the Czech company ATEKO a.s.

The company ATEKO is a Czech engineering and manufacturing company that offer "turn - key" deliveries as well as engineering and design services and tailored equipment supplies in the fields of natural gas, oil, chemical and food industry. Cryogenics, refrigeration, energy savings and environmental protection could be mentioned among main specialisation of the company as well.

This company has significant experience in the treatment and drying of natural gas on the natural gas storage (TEG absorption drying, adsorption technology, low temperature moisture separation). All technologies quote the regeneration of the active substance also.

The company also has experience with the engineering design, manufacturing and commissioning of glycol-based drying plants with continual TEG´s regeneration. These plants are designed upon the individual customer´s options, generally with capacity 100 000 up to 200 000 Nm3/h of dried natural gas. On the customer´s option, our company supplies autonomous filtration station and/or filtration elements for the separation of solid particles and oil.

Recently the company has developed smaller-scale drying units based on regenerative adsorption for the CNG applications.

The main customers on the field of natural gas processing in the Czech Republic are RWE (today innogy) operating underground gas storage units and PGNIG company in Poland (also the underground gas storage).

In case of your interest, please contact CzechTrade Israel team.