Czech company FIDE s.r.o. is looking for partners in Israel for a long-term cooperation

Published: 26.05.2020 Related countries:  Israel Israel

The company offers very high quality hygiene products for women

FIDE is an excellent and experienced manufacturer of feminine hygiene products for very favorable price for more than 20 years. FIDE also have developed unique products for women in their laboratories: ProBiotic and AntiSeptic ultra-thin pads. These products are suitable to sale also in drugstore networks and pharmacies.

Products of FIDE have a very high quality proven by tests (the tests show the high amount of absorption in milliliters and have an excellent results of the REWET indicator, i.e. how quickly the liquid soaks into the pad so that the woman feels dry again). Also it is very important that FIDE products are made of pure cellulose supplemented with a high-quality superabsorbent. NOTHING of input materials used in products come from China, the company produces everything from European high quality materials.
The company supplies their products to 40 countries  around the world (including Europe, Asia, Africa and America) and also produce private brands of feminine hygiene for 70 customers from all over the world.
FIDE is a market leader in innovations with feminine hygiene and their products are often the winners of local customer competitions as the best hygiene products of the year.

You can also familiarize yourself with the range of products by visiting the company's website

Upon your request we can send you atests, certificates of quality of the products and expert opinion, incl. the price list. In case of serious interest, the manufacturer is ready to send you samples of production and allow you to inspect the production in the Czech Republic (as soon as conditions allow).

For more information, please, do not hesistate to contact our CzechTrade office in Israel


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