Czech company is breaking through in the production of ecological cartridges for 3D printers

Published: 17.09.2021 Related countries:  Israel Israel

The eco-friendly material NonOilen is a great export opportunity for the Czech company Fillamentum, given that 3D printers are becoming an integral part of production in many companies.

Combining the growing global demand for 3D printers and the trend towards environmental protection, the Czech company Fillamentum has created a unique ecological cartridge for 3D printers, which, unlike the plastic ones that currently prevail, is made entirely from renewable resources. If the printed product can no longer serve its purpose, it can be easily decomposed in an industrial composter or even in-home compost in the garden.

Eco-friendly material called NonOilen is recyclable thanks to the polyhydroxy butyrate (PHB) component, which allows bacteria to break down the polymer more quickly and thus accelerate the breakdown process. Therefore, no harmful microplastics remain in nature. In addition to this advantage, NonOilen is also not harmful in contact with food. It can therefore also be used for products such as plates, bowls, or glasses.

The production of these eco-friendly cartridges is likely to support the expansion of Fillamentum´s opportunities as it already exports its products to more than 62 countries worldwide. Among other things, Fillamentum became the world's best exporter in the DHL Unicredit awards in 2018.

Prepared by the team of CzechTrade/CzechInvest Israel.