Excellent wines from the Czech Republic once again amazed America

Published: 23.11.2019 Related countries:  Israel Israel

Moravian (Czech) wines have won a record number of awards at USA wine competitions

The most famous and most important of the US wine competitions, the traditional San Francisco International Wine and Spirits Competition, last year became the scene of the stunt. Moravian wines from the Czech Republic won in six categories of this competition.
The great "taste of Moravia*) in bottles" stunned the US and the six highest awards in the form of large gold medals in almost forty years for one country do not remember here.
In addition to the most prestigious titles, winemakers from the Czech Republic can boast another 83 medals (8 Double Gold, 20 gold and 55 silver medals).  157 wines from the Czech Republic took part in the competition, the results of which attracted the deserved attention. The founder, owner and director of the competition Anthony Dias Blue said that nothing like this has been done in 39 years of any participating countries from abroad.
At another US competition Texas International Wine Competition 2019, Czech winemakers won an impressive 48 medals, including 6 large gold, 8 gold and 34 silver.
You can taste great Moravian wines if you or your shop, eventually your sommelier start  importing them to Israel or during your visit to the Czech Republic, for example at traditional wine harvest celebrations, the most famous of which is the Znojmo traditional vintage (usually in September) https://www.znojemskevinobrani.cz/gallery/2019/

*) Moravia is the historical geographical name of the eastern part of the Czech Republic, the southern part is a traditional wine region. The rolling landscape around Kyjov in South Moravia in the Hodonín region was ranked three years ago by the renowned international tourist magazine Condé Nast Traveler among the fifty most beautiful places in the world.

Sources: Právo

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