Growing interest in Czech medical devices around the world

Published: 27.07.2020 Related countries:  Israel Israel

The most important Czech manufacturer of medical equipment strengthens growth during the coronavirus crisis

Czech company LINET - world's largest manufacturers of medical beds and other medical and hospital devices - is one of the companies that is doing well in the crisis.
The multinational holding company Linet Group ( is based in the Netherlands. It has 20 branches worldwide and employs around 1,700 people.
The company's portfolio includes solutions designed for intensive care, products for regular inpatient care and special beds for nursing homes or hospitals for the long-term sick.
It supplies its products to more than a hundred countries around the world. Since its foundation in 1990, it has been based in Czech Želevčice u Slaného, where is headquarters as well as its production plant.
There is interest in special medical beds, devices and facilities all over the world. Holding even experienced the best quarter in its history, when sales had grown to 91 million euros. According to the company, the results in the following period will also be high due to the demand caused by the pandemic. The production of medical and nursing beds is filled months in advance. The Multicare key line works in three-shift operation, but is facing a shortage of manpower.
LINET has a special department to look for investment opportunities, which has a total of tens of millions of euros available. Company is mainly looking for technology companies to expand their portfolio. At the moment, LINET already owns 20 companies in this way.  Not long ago the LINET Group acquired the Austrian startup CubileHealth, which h as developed a pad able to monitor contactlessly the dynamic signals of the human body (breath, heart rate and more). The device's providing software analyses and provides the nursing and attending staff with information about the patient. Company integrates this solution into the electronics of its beds. Monitoring Cubile is especially suitable for social care. The group will complete another acquisition within a week, this time in the area of distribution.
Linet also exports to Israel. In local market is also interest in the products of its subsideries (eg gynecological and obstetric chairs).

Source: ČIANEWS,
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