How to solve the situation with foreign workers in the Czech Republic?

Published: 25.03.2020 Related countries:  Israel Israel

In the Czech Republic, in addition to the stopped economy, they already solve how to replace hundreds of thousands of foreign workers after expected recovery

In the Czech Republic, the largest number of the foreign workers are from Slovakia, Ukraine, but a large part are also residents of Poland, Vietnam, Mongolia, China, Bulgaria, Romania and other countries.
Except for Slovaks, who are not considered foreigners in the Czech Republic, Ukrainians are the largest group of foreign workers in domestic companies according to the long-term statistics. Ukrainians work in the Czech Republic most often in services, gastronomy and hotel industry and also in construction. It is estimated that there are 135 thousand of them, but it is probably much more. Some of them, however, have only short-term visas, valid for 90 days. Another group are those with so-called Polish visas who, however, cannot legally work in the Czech Republic, thus risking both punishment and deportation.
Many foreigners returned to their homeland due to quarantine measures, closing borders, loss of work and other reasons. E.g. Ukraine, like the Czech Republic, has banned international passenger transport as one of the preventive steps against the further spread of COVID-19. If Ukrainian citizens want to return to their homeland, they can take advantage of extraordinary trains dispatched by Czech Railways in cooperation with the Polish carrier PKP Intercity. For the evacuation from the Czech Republic people can also use flights of the Ukrainian airline SkyUp.
Companies with closed operations are now solve much more than just covering their monthly costs. E.g. how to deal with foreigners who did not leave, but there is no work for them. Others who have sent their workers back home are afraid that after the situation calms down, it will take them long time to return here. Meanwhile, visas may expire and it is up to the authorities how quickly they can issue them.
Companies and foreign workers around the world will face similar problems.

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