In order to support start-ups and smaller companies in Czech Republic, the state will give CZK 6 billion

Published: 08.05.2019 Related countries:  Israel Israel

The total funding of the program should be nine billion crowns, including contribution of private sector

To support start-ups and smaller firms, in accordance with the strategy of the Czech Republic, the country will spend six billion crowns by 2027. The total funding of the program, to which the private sector will also contribute, should be nine billion crowns. Tt was said by its deputy chairman Karel Havlíček at a press conference of the Council for Research, Development and Innovation (RVVI).
Material Czech Republic: a country for the future is part of one of the pillars of the Innovation Strategy 2019-2030 prepared by RVVI in cooperation with entrepreneurs, scientists, academics and public administration representatives to support Czech science and research. The innovation strategy, which aims to get the Czech Republic among the most innovative countries in Europe, contains nine pillars. They concern research funding, the development of a new science assessment methodology, start-ups and spin-offs, smart infrastructure, changes in patent policy support, digitization, altered tax deductions for research and development, and country promotion abroad.
RVVI wants to further accelerate the upcoming research assessment methodology for universities. Initially, the government was to approve it by the end of September 2019, and now the RVVI wants to have a methodology approved before the summer holidays. The 2017+ Methodology will enable universities to organize their own evaluation of research projects with compulsory participation of foreign experts.


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