Musical instruments from Czech Republic

Published: 24.10.2019 Related countries:  Israel Israel

Producer of musical instruments - Strunal Schönbach, offers its products to Israeli market.

Strunal Schönbach, known also as the former Cremona brand, is a traditional producer of stringed musical instruments, whose craftsmanship dates back more than three centuries. The factory is located in the picturesque town of Luby (originally called Schönbach) in the western part of the Czech Republic, but its reputation goes far beyond the borders.

Strunal Schönbach has been offering traditional hand-made stringed instruments from the best resonance wood for many decades. Its production consists of violins, violas, violoncellos, double basses and guitars. Professional musicians regularly test and play the instruments, making sure they satisfy all of the customer's needs - from beginners and intermediate students, to artists on a professional level.
Thanks to careful approach, these instruments are of premium quality and sound. This company is one of the most significant ambassadors of Czech handcraft and precious work.

Strunal Schönbach collects several honors for quality in numerous tonal competitions, including a Silver Medal for Sound during the BassEurope 2016 Congress in Prague.
• Violins in all categories: Stradivarius, Guarnerius or Maggini models.
• Violas in all categories.
• Certified Master Pieces also available for the discerning musician or collector.
• Double Basses in all categories, 4 or 5 strings; fully carved models or hybrid or veneer models with matte or high gloss finish.

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