Real use of recycled construction waste

Published: 28.10.2019 Related countries:  Israel Israel

Concrete made of 100% recycled aggregates

The construction company Skanska started to use so-called recycled concrete developed in cooperation with the Czech company ERC-TECH.
It is a Czech patent on the basis of which Skanska produces the so-called rebetong (reconcrete). It has similar properties to concrete, but instead of natural aggregate, it uses construction debris due to nanomix. The advantage is that products manufactured according to this patented know-how can be reused after the end of their service life. In addition to being cheap and unpretentious, the new building material is also environmentally friendly for a number of reasons.
It is the only concrete in the world made of 100% recycled aggregates and meets the strictest criteria of concrete standards.
According to the companies involved, the material is already ready to become a full-fledged part of the construction of family houses and apartment buildings, foundation structures or even the underlying road layers. It will only be applicable to government contracts after the approval of European and national standards (expected by the end of 2020).
Rebetong can solve the huge amount of waste that now ends in landfills after demolition. From the environmental point of view, not only will the waste volume be reduced and the aggregate extraction will be reduced, but also the transport required to transport the material from the quarries to the concrete plant.
The use of rubble instead of expensive natural aggregate has a significant advantage in terms of the price of the building. Moreover, Rebetong has a lower thermal conductivity coefficient, which means lower energy performance of buildings, ie lower heating or cooling costs.
The newly opened parkour park in the community area Cukrkandl in Prague's Modřany district is built just from rebetong and will serve not only as a playground for young people, but also as the first outdoor exhibition of new material.


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