Several Czech companies have won the "Design Oscars 2020"

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The prestigious world design competition was dominated by Czechs this year

Several Czech companies ranked first among the best product design. The awards confirm that Czechs are among the nations focused on design.

Here are some examples

Czech company "mmcité +" designs and builds train and bus stations, stops or stations. However, the jury was impressed by the extraordinary performance of a fairly ordinary thing - noise barriers. According to the jury, the product has a high aesthetic value and is also ecological. The basis is a sandwich panel filled with foam. On it are glued absorbers made of recycled rubber, which comes from old, used tires. As a result, around 183,000 tires, which were used to manufacture the noba panel, did not end up in a landfill or incinerator alone last year.

Company mmcité +, which focuses mainly on the development of urban furnishings and transport infrastructure elements, also has a subsidiary - Egoé. It specializes in outdoor furniture, skis and also in the car built-in housing, which one can simply attach to your car. And it is another Czech product that has won the Red Dot award. The kit can be put into any larger car, replacing the kitchen and bedroom. At the top of the structure is a grid and colored mattresses that can be unfolded to create sleeping in the interior or outside the car.

Egoé also won the "Oscar" for the best design for Czech skis.

Another company that is celebrating success is the Czech VRgineers. They won the Red Dot award for Xtal glasses for virtual reality. The product for professionals enjoys great popularity, especially for its sharp and clear image. Xtal glasses can display 8K video. For their capabilities, the US Army uses them to train their pilots, but they are also popular with automakers to develop new cars.

Startup Invent Medical has been awarded a tailored ankle brace called Piro, which the company produces for children with cerebral palsy using a 3D printer. The company was awarded Red Dot last year for a cranial remodeling orthosis for the treatment of a severe degree of skull deformity. It can also be used by professional sportsmans.

Individual winners can be viewed here

This year was also awarded to 2 SKODA cars, namely the new Skoda Octavia and Skoda Kamiq GT (Chinese market version).


The Red Dot Design Award is a prestigious worldwide recognized competition for product and communication design. It is organised annually by the German Design Institute in Essen. The history of the competition dates back to 1955.


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