The Czech company Siko teaches the world to save water

Published: 04.06.2021 Related countries:  Israel Israel

One bottle of water is enough to flush the toilet

The Czech bathroom empire Siko has invested 150 million crowns (over 7 million USD) in the purchase of an 80% stake in the Swiss innovator Swiss Aqua Technologies, which has a number of innovations in the field of bathrooms on paper. With this startup, Siko has global ambitions, according to its boss, it will soon outgrow Siko itself.

Siko has been supplying some novelties to foreign markets since last year. The first innovation with which it entered world markets last year was the anti-scale pipes called KalyxX. The company sold tens of thousands of pieces of this special equipment, for example, to China, USA, Brazil, Israel and other countries - last year for 150 million crowns (USD 7 million).

However, the main trump card of the company is the toilet of the new generation OptimFlush. It will save the average household up to $ 150 a year, as the most environmentally friendly toilet in the world uses half the normal water consumption, ie 1.5 liters or three liters for each flush. The technology works on the principle of pressurization from the water supply system without the use of additional energy. Siko plans to sell ten thousand toilets in Europe this year. They have been sold in the USA since last year. The certification of the system in New Zealand is currently underway and the launch in the Maghreb countries is also developing promisingly. "Our vision is this our new company will have a higher turnover than Siko in five years, and in ten years every second toilet in the world will be sold with this technology," says Mr. Vala, director of Siko company. Under the license, the toilet should be manufactured in the USA or Colombia, for example.

Swiss Aqua Technologies holds a global patent for another product - a pedicure sander, which spins a grinding stone on the shower with water pressure, which can be used to treat the skin on the feet.

Siko products have been sold in 46 countries on all continents. These include North and South America, European Union countries, Australia, China, India, Arab countries, Israel, Thailand and others. They are currently discussing possible cooperation in Russia.

The company discusses some technologies with scientists around the world - in the USA, Austria, Japan, Australia. The topic of sustainability and water is hugely relevant everywhere.

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