The Czech Republic plans to buy an air defense system from Israel

Published: 07.10.2021 Related countries:  Israel Israel

Despite increasing state spending on defense, the Czech Republic is not fulfilling the commitment of NATO member states.

The Ministry of Defense of the Czech Republic announced that it has concluded an agreement with Israel to purchase the SPYDER short- and medium-range air defense system, manufactured by Israeli state contractor Rafael. The system is to replace Soviet equipment from the 1970s, which is now technologically obsolete.

The new system that is worth $631.81 million is designed to protect cities, nuclear power plants, and other potential targets from attack. It should be delivered by 2026. Despite the increase in state spending on defense, the Czech Republic will not be able to meet the NATO member states' commitment to allocate at least 2 % of its GDP to defense spending even in the years to come.

Prepared by the team of CzechTrade/Czech Invest Israel.