The newly founded Green Railways association aims to help the Czech Republic in the transition to green transport

Published: 30.09.2021 Related countries:  Israel Israel

The planned green rail transport is intended to reduce the level of Czech carbon emissions by, among other things, partially replacing environmentally demanding road transport.

Seven companies, including Škoda Transportation, Siemens Mobility, CZ LOKO, University of Logistics, Čepro, and the state railway companies České dráhy and ČD Cargo, have established a new association, Green Railways, whose main goal is the coordinated development of emission-free transport so that investments in the development, production of vehicles and in building green infrastructure are efficient and affordable for both carriers and customers. The association wants to use the EU Green Deal to push these steps forward.

In the future, rail transport should cover at least part of road transport, as it is the most environmentally damaging of all types of transport. While road transport accounts for 71.7% of carbon emissions in the Czech Republic, rail transport has a significant advantage in this respect, as it accounts for only 0.5% of Czech emissions.

Other companies have already expressed an interest in the membership and the approval process is underway in their internal bodies. The association is therefore open to other companies and institutions in order to help the Czech Republic in its transition to green transport.

Prepared by the team of CzechTrade/Czech Invest Israel.