Top European Cities for Millenials

Published: 21.08.2020 Related countries:  Israel Israel

Prague is the second best city in Europe for young Europeans to live, work and have fun.

Young EU nationals (plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland) have the chance to choose where they live, since they're able to work nearly anywhere in the EU (plus the aforementioned countries) without a work permit. To help young people see which cities may be most suitable, either at home or abroad, NimbleFins compared two dozen of the top European cities based on factors related to employment, cost of living, entertainment and health & safety.

According to publicly available data, Zurich is the best city for millenials hoping to start their careers and enjoy a great quality of life.

The second best city in this data study for millenials is Prague. The capital of the Czech Republic struck a nice balance for affordability, with solid wages and a relatively low cost of living making it easier for young people to live comfortably. The Czech Republic also posted the lowest youth and overall unemployment rates and solid GDP growth (4th), suggesting that residents may have an easier time finding good jobs than in other cities. Additionally, the Czech Republic ranked 1st for the lowest risk of poverty or social exclusion amongst 16 to 29 year olds, a possible indicator of wellbeing for young adults. While it's not the sunniest city, Prague has a relatively high number of cafes (3rd) and bars (4th), which are ever popular for young people.

Then follow Geneva, Berlin, Vienna, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo, Dublin

Source: NimbleFins
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