Unmatched drone from the Czech Republic

Published: 09.06.2020 Related countries:  Israel Israel

Czechs are able to control their drones on the other side of the globe

Last year, Primoco UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) SE completed a two-year development of an dron and obtained certification from the Czech Civil Aviation Authority for an unmanned aircraft. Civilian drone Primoco UAV model One 100/150 is able to fly completely independently according to programmed flight plans. The key features of the unique aircraft include its size, maximum takeoff weight 100/150 kg, endurance 10 hours, range 1,500 km, cruising speed 100-150 km / h, payload 50 kg and fully automatic takeoff and landing.
It is used mainly in energy, border and coastal protection, fire monitoring or search and rescue.
The company has also developed its own Primoco Engine 500, which combines higher output (50 HP), reliability and long life (TBO 500 hours) while maintaining compact dimensions and excellent weight (25 kg). This engine is used both in aircraft manufactured directly by Primoco UAV SE and are also intended for sale and installation in aircraft from other manufacturers.
"For Primoco, this is a very crucial moment in the history of the company, which during its existence has been able to develop, test, certify and successfully start selling many of its aircraft worldwide. We produce and sell the drone, which has no competition in its size worldwide. Right now, we have sold aircraft to Malaysia as an example, "said Ladislav Semetkovský, CEO and founder of the company
Another extraordinary advantage of the product is the fact that last week the company performed repeated flights of its One 150 drone at a customer in Southeast Asia, while the aircraft was operated from the company's headquarters in Prague.
In May 2020, Primoco concluded an agreement with the Czech state-owned company Military Technical Institute (VTÚ) on strategic cooperation in the field of drones. It involves the integration of the aircraft and its ground equipment into military command and control systems, certification and testing of aircraft according to NATO and Czech security and military regulations, as well as expanding the aircraft's ground security with unique means developed and manufactured by the Military Technical Institute.

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