BONATRANS invests CZK 650m also in automatic line

Published: 17.07.2022 Related countries:  India India

Czech company BONATRANS which has got a large factory in India, invested in 2021 almost 30 mil. USD,for example in further modernisation of the wheel machining line at Bohumin (The Czech Republic).

BONATRANS GROUP reported a net turnover of CZK 8.58bn for 2021. In 2020 it was CZK 8.01bn. The pre-tax result rose to CZK 768.4m from CZK 555.23m. The company invested more than CZK 650m, for example in further modernisation of the wheel machining line, the start of construction work for a new press for a cargo wheelset or the acquisition of an automatic line at the Bohumín plant. In its annual report, the manufacturer of railway wheelsets and their parts also stated that the wheel rolling mill exceeded its annual plan and achieved the production of 188,000 raw wheels. The forge had an annual production of 50,000 raw axles.


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