Czech Republic - the best manufacturing location in Europe

Published: 22.12.2020 Related countries:  India India

New study ranks Czech Republic the best manufacturing location in Europe and the fifth best location worldwide.

Czechia is the best manufacturing destination in Europe, according to a new study carried out by real estate giant Cushman and Wakefield. The country has regularly ranked among the best destination for manufacturers seeking to locate their operations since 2016, when it was included in the study for the first time. As the case was last year, Czechia is the best-performing country in Europe in terms of the baseline rating, which ascribes the same weight to operating conditions and the country’s cost competitiveness. It is the only European country in the global top five.

Major contributing factors are the country’s strategic position in the centre of Europe with good transport infrastructure, the advanced local business, economic and political environment with a low rate of risk and also moderate labour, energy and development costs.