Czech tractor manufacturer Zetor joins hands with VST Tillers Tractors Ltd to launch new products in India

Published: 07.05.2024 Related countries:  India India

On 6th May 2024 VST Zetor Private Ltd. announced the launch of three "best-in-class" tractors in the higher horse-power range. VTS Zetor embodies a groundbreaking collaboration between VST Tillers Tractors Ltd and HTC Investments, the owner of the Zetor brand a.s., dedicated to delivering high-quality tractors to Indian farmers.

The new tractors are developed at VST Zetor plant in India. As per company statement „these tractors feature an indigenously made powerful, best-in-class DI Engine, fully constant mesh transmission with helical gears and VZmatic hydraulics. Its wider platform, dual diaphragm clutch, optimum turning Radius, adjustable premium seat, dual-acting power steering and aerodynamic styling ensure ease of operation with desired comfort."

According to VST Zetor, these tractors are suited for a wide range of applications starting from land preparation to post-harvest operations. It is highly compatible with all heavy-duty non-agriculture tasks along with all primary, secondary tillage and haulage applications of Agriculture.

"The launch of these tractors is a significant milestone as with these models we are entering into the 60 per cent of the tractor industry of India, i.e. the higher HP segment. These tractors will help to strengthen our brand and build a much stronger tractor portfolio to cater to a wide range of farming applications and geographical market needs," Antony Cherukara, MD VST Zetor, said.

This development comes as no suprise given the long tradition of Zetor tractors in India which goes back to 1970 until 1990, wherein some 60 000 tractors drove out from the gates of its Indian factories. India is thus historically one of the 10 largest markets in the world for the ZETOR brand.

In 2020, Zetor signed MoU with V.S.T. Tillers Tractors  to start a new phase of operations in India with the aim of creating new tractor designed primarily for the Indian market according to the government's Make-in-India program.  

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