Development of regions with 1.5 bn CZK

Published: 20.12.2019 Related countries:  India India

RegionalDevMin will support development of regions with almost CZK 1.5bn in 2020





The Ministry of Regional Development of the Czech Republic will in


2020 provide almost CZK 1.5bn in program Support for Regional


Development 2019+. The previously announced calls with an


allocation of CZK 418.5m are intended primarily for municipalities


with up to 3,000 residents as well as for municipalities with up to


10,000 residents. A sum of CZK 1.03bn will be prepared for


replacement projects from year 2019. Of this total, CZK 500m is


intended for reconstruction of public buildings and CZK 530m for


supporting the renewal of local roads. What is more, in 2020 the


ministry will release CZK 400m for the regeneration of





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