Measures to support entrepreneurs

Published: 11.03.2020 Related countries:  India India

Govt approves COVID credit program worth CZK 600m





Prime Minister Andrej Babiš’s (ANO) government approved on


March 9, 2020, measures to support entrepreneurs affected by the


spread of coronavirus. Specifically, it is the COVID loan program in


the amount of CZK 600m. Minister of Industry and Trade Karel


Havlíček (for ANO) said that small and medium-sized enterprises


will be able to apply for a loan in the range of CZK 0.5 to 15m with


a zero interest rate and a one-year postponement of instalments


from the Czech-Moravian Guarantee and Development Bank. Firms


demonstrably financially disadvantaged due to the spread of the


coronavirus will be eligible for the advantageous loan from April 1,






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