New trolleybuses from Skoda Transportation

Published: 29.07.2021 Related countries:  India India

Škoda Transportation to get 20 Škoda 27Tr units for city of Brno.

 By the end of 2022, Škoda Transportation will provide the Brno Transit Authority with another 20 Škoda 27Tr trolleybuses. Škoda Electric sales director Radek Kapr said that the company, a member of the PPF Group, would provide Brno with a total of 40 articulated trolleybuses. The first supply of 20 vehicles is planned for the turn of 2021 and 2022. During its existence, Škoda Electric from the Škoda Transportation Group has supplied more than 14,500 trolleybuses to the domestic market and approximately 30 countries. 


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