Number of newly established firms grows

Published: 29.12.2021 Related countries:  India India

Number of new companies established in the Czech Republic in the year 2021 is higher by 10% compared to the last year.

Almost 30 000 companies will be established in the Czech Republic in 2021, one tenth more than last year. During the first 11 months, 27,153 companies were registered, and in November alone, 2,407, up 146 y/y. At the same time, 1,128 businesses were closed down, 213 fewer. This results from an analysis conducted by CRIF - Czech Credit Bureau. Since the beginning of the year, the number of defunct companies has fallen by an average of 11% y/y. In the 11 months under review, the number of newly established companies in the real estate management sector increased the most year-on-year (5,443). The number of new companies declined the most in trade (4,431). Analyst Věra Kameníčková added that the number of defunct companies can be expected to grow in 2022.