Primoco UAV tested drone in Bundeswehr area

Published: 30.06.2022 Related countries:  India India

Czech Primoco UAV successful in testing their drones by German Bundeswehr.

Germany's PLATH GmbH & Co KG and the Czech Primoco UAV have successfully conducted the first flight of a drone in BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) mode within the framework of pan-European legislation for LUC-certified companies at a time when normal air traffic was taking place in the military airspace of the German Bundeswehr in Manching. Primoco's One 150 fixed-wing UAV is suitable for a wide range of tasks with a take-off weight of 150 kg and a payload of 30 kg, with an operating time of more than 15 hours in the air. The on-board PLATH multi-sensor technology and on-board radio and transponder enabled safe air traffic control and collected all the necessary data for a successful mission.