Siemens Electric Machines Drásov opened production hall in Czech Republic

Published: 28.06.2022 Related countries:  India India

A new 2,100 m2 hall for a heavy winch production was opened by Siemens Electric Machines in the Czech Republic. It is another proof that Czech Republic is a great destinations for foreign investments.

Siemens Electric Machines Drásov has opened a new production hall for a heavy winch. The hall with an area of 2,100 m2 will enable the production of large stators and rotors weighing up to 70 tons. The 21-meter-high hall houses modern Vacuum Pressure Impregnation technology, which will be put into full operation in the coming weeks. Impregnation in a vacuum gives the winding better properties, such as higher dielectric strength, increased mechanical strength or protection against the ingress of water and chemicals, which ensure a longer and maintenance-free service life of the machine. The total production area of the plant thus increased to 19,135 m2.