T-CZ to complete radar supplies for India

Published: 23.03.2023 Related countries:  India India

T-CZ from L.P.P. holding, in collaboration with Data Patterns, will supply eight more radars to Indian Navy and Air Force airports by mid-2023.

By mid-2023, T-CZ from the L.P.P. holding will supply eight more radars to the airports of the Indian Navy and Air Force. The first supply was realised in July 2022. The contract worth hundreds of millions of korunas is being realised by the Pardubice-based radar manufacturer in collaboration with its Indian partner Data Patterns, to which it provided key components, software and technical knowhow. The Czech company supplies computer equipment and software for processing and displaying data, voice and data recorders and network infrastructure for technological units.

Source: www.cianews.cz/