The Czech economy will continue to slow down to 2 %

Published: 02.01.2020 Related countries:  India India

The Czech Republic: Economists predict GDP growth slowdown to 2.0%





The growth of the Czech economy will most likely continue to slow


down closer to 2.0% due to weaker demand from abroad in 2020.


This was predicted by Jakub Seidler, the chief economist of ING


Bank for the Czech Republic. CZECH FUND’s head economist Lukáš


Kovanda expects a slowdown to 2.2% primarily due to a slowdown


of the Chinese and German economy and due to a growth in global


protectionism. Komerční banka economist Michal Brožka said that


a weaker output of the economy will be caused by a slowdown of


the Czech industry, however, the consumption of households, the


current driver of the economy, will not grow as fast as in the past.




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