The Czech Trade Promotion Agency / CzechTrade is a government business agency of the Czech Republic established under the Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade. Its main objective is to develop international trade and cooperation between Czech and foreign entities. Wherever in the world you are, the agency is your official contact partner when looking for qualified Czech-based manufacturers and service providers. The Tehran office has been established in 2016 (1395) and since then is connecting Iranian and Czech businesses.

Our office in Tehran provide services for Czech entities as well as we provide partner search for Iranian companies looking for reliable suppliers of goods and services from Czech Republic. In order to provide complex service we are verifying contacts on both sides, connecting the business. We are helping the Iranian businesses to specify their needs and search for suitable counterparts – be it suppliers or distributers (this services we provide for Czech entities in Iran) and last but not least we assist in the communication at the early stages of the contact.  In simplicity we are providing match-making service with a goal to create long-term business relations.

Prague property prices down for first time since 2011
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The price of flats in Prague has gotten cheaper by 0.3 percent according to data for the past three months, the first drop since 2011...