AutoSAP: Car production drops 11.7%

Published: 23.02.2021 Related countries:  Japan Japan

Car production in the Czech Republic dropped 11.7% y/y to 104,576 units in January.

The decrease was caused by the pandemic crisis. Of the total number of cars, 3,493 were e-cars. These figures stem from statistics published by the Association of Automotive Industries (AutoSAP). The lowest drop was recorded by ŠKODA AUTO, having manufactured 71,716 vehicles (down 5.9%), while Hyundai made 18,450 cars (down 12.6%) and Toyota produced 14,410 vehicles (down 31.8%). Bus production was 20% lower and totalled 297. Compared to the EU-wide decrease in sales of 24%, this was still a confirmation of the domestic products’ good competitiveness.