AutoSAP: HMMC least affected by summer crisis

Published: 21.09.2021 Related countries:  Japan Japan

Nošovice-based Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Company (HMMC) raised its production by 33.1% y/y to 182,400 passenger cars for January-August 2021 despite the crisis.

In July-August, the brand's production fell by 650 cars (-1.6%) y/y. In addition, ŠKODA AUTO recorded a 42% decline in the summer months to 65,585 vehicles. Over the eight months, the brand strengthened by 7.9% to 486,423 cars. Toyota has produced 106,673 vehicles since January (+5.8%). In July, its production reached 6,896 cars (-37.4%). The company stopped production in August. In the bus segment, IVECO CR produced 2,738 vehicles (+0.9%) and SOR Libchavy 233 buses (-16.5%) in eight months. Motorcycle manufacturer JAWA Moto produced 736 machines (+127.9%). This was reported by the Automotive Industry Association (AutoSAP).