ČNB: Analysts predict inflation of 2.3%

Published: 08.01.2020 Related countries:  Japan Japan

The prediction of inflation in the Czech Republic reaches 2.3% at a one-year horizon.

This stems from a December survey among analysts published by the Czech National Bank (ČNB). The economists predict a growth in consumer prices by 2.0% in their three-year outlook. Lower import prices may affect the pace of growth of the domestic price level. The respondents also think that the GDP growth will reach 2.5% for 2019 and 2.1% for 2020. No dramatic economic downturn is foreseen over the next year, as the German economy is expected to recover gradually. According to the majority of the respondents, ČNB rates will remain on their current levels in the years 2020. 

Source: https://www.cianews.cz/gift