Czech DIVR Labs opened a new immersive VR arena in Yohohama

Published: 09.05.2024 Related countries:  Japan Japan

The DIVR Immersive Arena is located in a popular shopping mall operated by AEON Mall, and after Prague and London, it marks the third location worldwide where customers can enjoy free-roam 4D VR entertainment.

The opening ceremony took place on April 26th at Yokohama World Porters, with the attandance of Czech Ambassador to Japan, H.E. Martin Klučar, co-founder of DIVR Labs, Martin Bach and the president of DIVR Labs‘ local partner, AEON Mall Kidsdream, Hisayuki Suematsu. With an innovative take on VR entertainment, DIVR Labs' technology combines upgraded 4D effects such as wind or vibrations with thrilling original games in PC quality to provide a memorable experience. The arena currently offers two programs: a prehistoric walk among dinosaurs and a cooperative action game where players have to fight waves of relentless zombies.

“Our goal is to push the boundaries of location-based VR entertainment and deliver an incredibly immersive form of entertainment,” Ondřej Bach told the press. “We believe the Japanese market is primed to embrace this new wave of VR experiences, and our partnership with AEON Malls puts us in a fantastic position to showcase the future of entertainment.” “Virtual reality holds incredible potential to change how we experience entertainment,” he added. “We’re thrilled to see a strong response from the Japanese market and excited by the possibilities that our collaboration with AEON Malls opens up.”


Prepared by the team of foreign offices CzechTrade Osaka and Tokyo