Deloitte: M&A to weaken by 14 %

Published: 23.09.2022 Related countries:  Japan Japan

The European M&A market will decline by 14.4 % in 3Q 2022. The dynamics of the market for the rest of the year will be most influenced by the current geopolitical and economic uncertainty.

The Deloitte M&A Index also shows that, despite the decline, European M&A activity is likely to be more resilient than in the US and other global markets. The European market is still capable of a rapid recovery. It continues to show strength due to steady growth in energy, materials and manufacturing transactions as well as an increase in market transactions in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe. The trend is for startups and smaller companies that can raise a large amount of capital, have intellectual property, i.e. their own software, patent or technology, or top experts. Investors can also be expected to focus their attention on potential investments in sectors that are resilient to rising energy costs and supply chain disruptions.