Exports of machine tools decrease to CZK 21.81bn

Published: 05.03.2020 Related countries:  Japan Japan

Machine tools for CZK 21.81bn were exported from the Czech Republic in 2019. Imports totalled CZK 20.45bn.

The information was provided by engineering company TOS Varnsdorf. In 2018, exports totalled CZK 25.26bn, while imports reached CZK 21.88bn. Exports to Germany annually fell from EUR 211.41m to EUR 168.51m. Exports to China fell from EUR 78.28m to EUR 29.58m, too Russia from EUR 41.72m to EUR 34m , and to Poland from EUR 40.42mm to EUR 33.82m. A growth was recorded for exports to Slovakia from EUR 45.5m to EUR 49.42m. The highest volume of imports went from Germany (CZK 4.89bn), Italy (CZK 1.31bn), and Japan (CZK 1.1bn).

Source: https://www.cianews.cz/gift