MD starts to assess legal aspects of autonomous operation

Published: 06.10.2021 Related countries:  Japan Japan

The Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic (MD) and its partners evaluated the current position of the Czech Republic in the field of autonomous driving development.

The first phase of its work was concluded by the Ethics Committee on Autonomous Mobility of the Ministry of Transport, which prepared a set of recommendations for the operation of self-driving vehicles and for further developments in this area. This was reported by the MD with the assumption that the transition to autonomous transport must above all be safe, gradual, and responsible. In addition, a project addressing the legal aspects of autonomous traffic in the Czech Republic is also being launched, with the Czech Republic looking to contribute to the European debate. It is a cooperation between the MD and a consortium of the CTU, the Institute of State and Law, and White&Case. The results are due in spring 2022.