MPSV: Minimum wage to grow to CZK 14,600

Published: 02.01.2020 Related countries:  Japan Japan

The minimum wage will grow beginning January 1, 2020. It will grow from CZK 13,350 to CZK 14,600.

The minimum hourly wage will grow from CZK 79.80 to CZK 87.30. The lowest levels of the guaranteed wage will grow together with growth in the minimum wage, which is paid to approximately 150,000 people in the Czech Republic. The guaranteed wage levels will grow by CZK 1,250-2,500/month from current CZK 13,350-26,700 to CZK 14,600-29,200. The guaranteed wage is paid in eight levels and represents the lowest wage based on expertise and responsibility in work. The information was published by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic (MPSV).