SDA: Electric cars and hybrids make 12 % of sales

Published: 11.11.2021 Related countries:  Japan Japan

Sales of battery electric vehicles in the Czech Republic grew by 18% y/y to 563 in 3Q 2021.

Sales of hybrids increased by 68% to 5,787. Hybrid powertrains are the second best sellers behind gasoline powertrains. This is according to data from the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA). Sales of new hybrids from January to the end of October 2021 rose 97% y/y to 18,641 vehicles. Of these, 3,213 (+140%) plug-in hybrids were sold. Sales of electric vehicles increased by 7% to 2,021 vehicles. Electric vehicles (hybrids and e-cars) accounted for almost 12% of total sales, according to data from the Society of Automobile Importers (SDA).