ČEZ investments in fixed assets at CZK 18.9bn

Published: 03.12.2020 Related countries:  Korea (south) Korea (south)

ČEZ invests in renovation of facilities, smart energy networks and green energy sources.

Between the first and third quarter of 2020, the ČEZ Group invested CZK 18.9bn in fixed assets. The most funding, namely CZK 10bn, went to the renovation of the distribution-network facilities. The goals are to increase the safety of supply and to transition to smart energy networks. The second most important group consists of investments in the segment of production, which totalled CZK 6.3bn. This money is used to increase the level of overall safety, to modernise sources and make them environmentally friendlier, and to invest in new energy, including the ESCO sector.

ČEZ also invests in smart energy networks and and green energy sources. The Company starts installing photovoltaic panels on carpark roof at Dukovany. The ČEZ Group technicians are installing the first of 2,600 photovoltaic panels located on specially adapted roofs of the parking area at the outer campus of the Dukovany nuclear power plant. The zero-emission source has an output of 820 kWp and covers the annual consumption of almost 300 households. Thanks to both-sided panels, the photovoltaic installation (PVI) will also use the sunlight reflected from parked vehicles. The ČEZ Group is preparing PVIs with a total output of hundreds of MW in the coming years.

Source: CIA News

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