Czech Republic reopens borders for Korean travellers

Published: 15.07.2020 Related countries:  Korea (south) Korea (south)

Travel conditions are back to normal

The Czech government has decided to open the border to allow Korean tourists to enter the Czech Republic without any restrictions, regardless of the regulations introduced during the COVID-19 pandemic. This follows a careful decision by the European Union to select 14+1 countries, including Korea, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia, as low-risk countries affected by COVID-19.
Visa-free entry for short-term and travellers will take effect immediately and there is no need for mandatory inspection or quarantine when a Korean citizen departs Korea and enters the Czech Republic, unless they stay in a non-safe country for more than 12 hours before arriving. Upon arrival, a basic screening of health conditions and symptoms will be conducted. As a result, Prague, one of the most popular European destinations visited by about 400,000 Koreans annually, is hoping to revitalize tourism soon as “the first destination to go again”.
“It is very symbolic and meaningful that Korea is one of the first non-European countries to which the Czech Republic opened its borders. This reflects Korea's significant success in fighting COVID-19. The credibility of Korean measures to prevent the spread of the pandemic has been transformed into our deep trust. President Moon Jae-in expressed his hope that key exchanges between the two countries will resume in a letter to Czech President Milos Zeman and I am delighted that this is already taking place through the opening of the border. In addition, “the Czechs are not only opening the borders, I am also confident that they are ready to open their hearts and welcome Koreans as old friends,” said Czech Ambassador Gustav Slamecka.

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Source: CzechTourism
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