Millenium of JRD launches plasma gasification reactor

Published: 28.11.2022 Related countries:  Korea (south) Korea (south)

New reactor will turn waste into a source of energy

Millenium Technologies, a member of the JRD Group, has introduced a fourth-generation plasma gasification reactor (R4) at the Dubá Science and Technology Park. After three prototypes, it is now fully commercially operational. The technology environmentally disposes of a wide range of waste, including hazardous waste. It can serve as a source of energy - synthesis gas - for example, for heating plants. It processes 500 kg of waste per hour in a completely emission-free way. The waste is vitrified slag - an inert material that can be used in construction or road infrastructure. The cost of the reactor itself is CZK 80m-EUR 250m. The return-on-investment ranges from three to five years.

Source: CIA News
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